Dragon Age one

A Bone to Pick

damned dog!

Zathalos and Djuric waved goodbye to the Dalish and Eshara and set forth into the Kocari Wilds to finally confront the strange mabari who’s been haunting them since Logerswold. In Dosov, they gained the help of Gyera, the Chasind hunter who first alerted them to the whereabouts of the strange collared dog. The first night of their three day journey through the wilds involved an attack by feral marsh wolves- the difficulty of terrain and surprise of the attack nearly felled two of their company, but they prevailed. The next day brought them deeper into blighted lands and they had to make their way around various darkspawn encampments. A sound of battle brought them to a clearing where a young Avvarrian warrior was surrounded by darkspawn. The team rushed to his aid and they met Azur Ar Brosna, an Avvar scout looking to make peace terms with the Chasind refugees who have been raiding the Frostbacks in search of shelter from the blight. Finally they came to the village that Gyera told them about. Unfortunatly the village was surrounded by a pallisade, so the team decided to keep watch on the movements within for the day and wait for an opportunity to confront the Chieftain and his mabari. Late in the day, the Chieftain and dog, as well as two guards left the village and headed to a strange cave. Finally able to be on the other side of an ambush, the guards were quickly overwhelmed without alerting those inside the cave. Zathalos spared the life of one of the guards, and he was subdued for the time being.

Inside the cave, Zathalos was not so stealthy and the Chieftain came to investigate their position. Curiously, they heard a second voice commanding the Chief to scout their position. Midway through the ensuing combat, the area was hit with magical lightning. Djuric and Azur rushed forward to confront the source of the magic and found a tall human apostate dressed in black robes with long black hair and creepy long fingernails. No sign of the mabari was to be found except that the mage, Blacktail, was wearing a very similar necklace to the collar once seen on the war dog. When cornered by the two warriors, Blacktail cackled and summoned two shades to his side. Azur cried in dismay, for he knew that only magic damage would hurt a shade. This was the toughest battle for our heroes to date, with everyone running into the danger zone on health (Azur fell twice), as you fought against the power of drain life and weakness hexes. Penetating damage meant the best armor was no protection against the potent magic of Blacktail and his shades. Zathalos was praised mightily for his healing abilities- without which all would surely have been lost. The team prevailed in the end and finally brought justice to the evil that had spread from Logerswold to Sothmere.

Further investigation of the cave led them deeper and deeper, all the way to an entrance above the deep roads, teeming with the darkspawn hordes. There, they encountered the Gray Warden Duncan once again, who had also tracked the mabari here and was laying in wait at the entrance to the deep roads to determine what contact the apostate had with the darkspawn. Was he a pawn of the Archdaemon? Duncan invited Djuric and Zathalos to the headquarters of the wardens in Denerim, then made his way with all haste to inform the wardens and the king of his findings. Our heroes made it back to Dosov, and parted company with Gyera. Baba Zorya vowed to speak for the treaty with the Avvars and the team set out north with Azur, at least for now…



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