Dragon Age one

Amber Rage

the cost was too high

Continuing their travels with the Dalish for a time brought Djuric and Zathalos to the town of Sothmere for a festival. The mirth of the event was broken by an attack on the village by feral Chasind warriors, infected by a deadly rabies-like plague. Zathalos was bitten and infected in the fight, along with many townsfolk and a few Dalish. Sheriff Milo’s daughter, Wanda, was also bitten. Ser Villem, the commander of the garrison being built is all for ending the plague by executing the infected. Old Stoyanka, the town’s wise woman interjected and gave the townsfolk hope of a cure. Djuric, Zathalos, and Eshara set out to find the shadowmoss to make the cure. Along the way into the Kocari Wilds, they discovered another town decimated by the “amber rage” – Wichford- where they make the hard choice to put a local cordwain out of his misery and save him from turning into one of the enraged. The disease is ancient- not seen since the first blight. The victims have only days before they become enraged, and live only a few days after that.

In the wilds, the heroes encountered Branik, the trapper, who relayed that the Chasind seemed nervous and moving north in droves, but pointed them to a nearby village to stable their horses. They headed to Dosov and met Baba Zorya, the town’s elder. They left the horses in good care and continued to follow the enchanted raven into the wilds. When the raven stopped, dead, the heroes set to work luring the firesprites to their location with a foul brew. After a brief combat encounter with a large swamp crab, the firesprites arrived and led our heroes to their cave. As things turned out, the heroes slayed the guardian snake, which happened to be the source of shadowmoss (and food) for the last tribe of firesprites. The heroes chose to only fill half of Stoyanka’s bag, rather than exterminate an entire species. They rushed back through the swamp to hopefully make a cure in time. On the way they met Gyera, a Chasind hunter who was tracking down the infected ragers when his party was ambushed by their prey. Zathalos and Djuric managed to slay the remaining ragers and heal Gyera enough to bring him back to Dosov. Gyera relays information that peaks the interest of our heroes- a strange black dog has been accompanying the cheiftain of the tribe where the rage first manifested- could this be the same mabari that has hounded their steps since Logerswold? They promised to be back with more information about the cure and the amber rage disease and hurried back to Sothmere. Another knight from a town infected by the amber rage stops them and pleads for the shadowmoss to save their town as well.

The heroes arrived in town just in time to stop Ser Villem’s men from executing the infected. Unfortunately, Old Stoyanka was only able to make enough to cure 10 people. The heroes decide that those who risked themselves to find the cure were to benefit first (saving Zathalos and the two Dalish) and that the remainder go to the youngest of the two infected towns.



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