Dragon Age one

The Grand Tourney

why are we here again?

Zathalos and Djuric arrived in Nevarra along with Alistair in search of aid for the Grey Wardens of Ferelden facing a new Blight. Also happening in the capital city of Cumberland is the Grand Tourney which is offering the blacksmithing tool of an ancient dwarven paragon! Not long after disembarking, the heroes were nearly run down in the street by an Orlesian Chevalier, Lord Malecot. The brawl that ensued nearly turned bloody but was interrupted by Warden Kilina, who used her clout to send off Lord Malecot. The heroes have done well- Djuric has made it to the round of 32 in the main event, and Zathalos has delighted the crowd with his trick-shot magic spells. Trouble is brewing on many fronts however- the lost dwarven city of Kal-Sharok has sent delegates to compete, and tensions with the Orzammar dwarves has been only barely kept at bay. An explosion in a bar downtown remains unexplained, and the heroes were summoned late at night to the mansion of the nobleman who is fronting the Tourney to help investigate some insane cultists who have ritually murdered a number of people, and have tried to assassinate Kilina! On their way home to the inn, the heroes were waylaid by these cultists who worship the old gods of Tivinter, namely the dragon Lucasan. Will our heroes be able to unravel these mysteries before more lives are lost?



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