Dragon Age one

The Story so Far...

woot! lvl2!

Our intrepid heroes first met on the border of the Korcari Wilds, answering the call of Arl Neruda (a very grumpy bastard, albeit distracted by darkspawn incursions). Despite the mage initially being swayed by the prospect of more coin, the honorable dwarf refused to kidnap the Arl’s children and led to a deadly confrontation with the Arl’s steward. PCs were nearly overwhelmed by their first encounter with darkspawn (due to bad luck and a misunderstanding of how stunts work). The heroes returned the children and gained the favor of the Arlessa at least.

Another call for adventurers lead our heroes to the town of Logerswold, which was under siege from a rather vicious band of outlaws led by the Gorehand. A perplexing political situation with the local Bann only compounded the issue, and our heroes were left feeling unsettled despite saving the town from Gorehand and a corrupt Bann. They picked up a plucky rogue lass as a companion (Delia, daughter of the local innkeep) for the road to Lothering. Much treasure was looted but the question of a certain missing mabari are keeping Djuric awake at night.



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