Dragon Age one

Trouble in Vintiver pt 2

the thought plickens

Our heroes rush the Dalish woman, unconscious but stable, into town where they are greeted with jeers instead of cheers. Zathalos gets an unfriendly reminder that elves are the underclass, the outsiders, and not welcome here. Taking refuge in the local inn just makes the elf an easy target for the angry mob, led by the blacksmith Coalan. Djuric and Delia manage to talk them down (Delia inadvertently volunteers our heroes for a daunting task), while discovering that there was a recent scuffle between the blacksmith and some Dalish elves.

When Eshara comes to, she relates a chilling tale – the elves have been killed or captured by a possessed elf calling himself Elgar’nanlen. Hoping to win some good will amongst the villagers who have felt the rage of Elgar’nanlen, or at the least, put some miles between themselves and the mob, the party heads to the Brecilian forest to seek him out. An enraged Coalan and his cronies make an impotent attempt to force our heroes off the trail, and they press on with only minor wounds. At the site of the Dalish camp, they are beset by horrific creatures- darkspawn ravagers, elves twisted by the hate and taint of Elgar’nanlen. A brush with near death sends young Delia running back to the safety of the village. Djuric, Zathalos, and Eshara press on, deal with sentries in the form of darkspawn ravens, and animated skeletons, and find the missing Dalish. Sadly, they are too late and Elgar’nanlen has led his army of ravagers to deal with the town of Vintiver once and for all.

It will be a race against time and the dangers of the forest to make it back to Vintiver before the abomination lays waste to the town and its people…



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