Dragon Age one

Trouble in Vintiver pt 3


Our heroes made it to Vintiver after battling their way through the Brecilian forest. When they arrived, they found a town in chaos battling Elgar’nanlen’s blighted army of bloodcrows and revengers. Zathalos and Djuric arrived just as the blacksmith and Delia fell to Elgar’nanlen, who made a beeline for Zathalos and the silver Link of Rage he was carrying. The abomination was finally slain after a brutal fight and the elves under his spell were cured instantly. Unfortunately the heroes were not able to save everyone, including young Delia and the blacksmith Coalan.

Zathalos and Djuric decided to investigate the ruins before the Dalish and Vintiver townsfolk drop off the hidden valley’s only entrance into the canyon. While there, they encountered a Gray Warden who introduced himself as Duncan. He explained that he was investigating the darkspawn rumors and that the blight infected elves were (including the hunter who became the abomination Elgar’nanlen) were under the influence of a rage demon which had been chained in this prison since the time of the first blight. He seemed worried that such old threats were regaining strength and excused himself to continue his travels deeper into blighted areas. On the way out, Djuric noticed a set of large pawprints which could only have been made by a Mabari…



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