Dragon Age one

Where Eagles Lair and intro to Denerim

star cross'd lovers?

The heroes travelled north with Azur ar Brosna as caravan guards. They got to know the Avvar and appreciate his humor and skill in battle. In the crossroads town of Elmridge, in the West Hills, they parted ways and spent the night at the Smoking Crow tavern. The next morning Zathalos and Djuric were summoned to the battlefront tent of one Arl Gallagher of House Wulff. He tasked the heroes with finding his daughter, dead or alive, who had vanished from their winter home just days before. The trail lead the heroes (accompanied by the Arl’s son Berchand) into the Frostback mountains, where they bested a red lion and found their trail diverged. The original party with the girl in tow was apparently ambushed and then split into two. The heroes decided to follow the path to the Arl’s suggested lead- Redhold, an Avvar fort not far into the Frostback mountains. On the way they ran across a village decimated by darkspawn, and indeed Redhold was about to find itself beseiged. The heroes were compelled to help protect Redhold through the night by Thane Owyne, a deed for which they will be remembered with honor in Redhold. A large darkspawn army and a blighted bareskarn later, the heroes lasted through the night and were able to continue their pursuit of the Arl’s daughter the next morning with help from Avvar hunters. During the stay in Redhold, they met up with Azur ar Brosna again, who sheepishly admitted to have run off with the Arl’s daughter (consentually of course!) with whom he has been having an affair.

The heroes made it to the bandit’s lair only to be blocked by an ice bridge. A dramatic fight to the death between Djuric and the bandit leader, Balan Ar Malad, ended with Djuric spectacularly tossing Balan over the edge of the bridge. Unfortunately the bridge cracked from the stress of battle and was not passable. The only other way to the hideout was through a cursed vale, where their enchanted sword, Amor Fin, was able to keep the shadows at bay. The Arl’s daughter was rescued and the Arl was able to be convinced that a match with the Thane of Redhold’s nephew is not such a bad match.

Djuric and Zathalos then made their way to Denerim, where they stumbled upon a grisly set of cultists who kidnap children after making them orphans, and cut their tongues out to offer to the Maker. Guardsmen of House Baranti also arrived on scene and split into two groups to try and stop the cultists from slaying two more families on their “list”. The heroes rushed to the next location on the map and with the help of a Baranti guardsman, stopped the cultists and found this note:

Stilled tongues speak no heresy! Bring to Mother Brianna. End of Cooper Lane.

The pursuit continues…



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