dwarf warrior


Communication 1
Cunning 0
Constitution 3
Dexterity 2
Magic 0
Perception 1
Strength 5
Willpower 1


Djuric’s father, Colban Moratin, was forced to leave Orzammar before Djuric was born. Colban was part of the Merchant Caste. Through his business dealings he found himself on the wrong side of one of the High Lords of the Noble Caste and, was cast out of Orzammar as a result of the squabble.

Adrift on the surface Colban relied on his wife, a Merchant, to negotiate the fees for his services as a smith at various human settlements. The small family finally came to call South Reach home. Djuric grew up, and though his parents sought to instill in him the traditional dwarven values he ws influenced as much by other surface dwarves (some being third and fourth generation) and by the humans that also occupied the city.

Though his father taught him the arts of the smith Djuric longed to see other places and have adventure like the warriors that he heard about and saw. His parents were unhappy with his decision but also admitted that as a surface dwarf he was no long bound by the caste system, if he wished to become a warrior they could only support him. His father himself crafted the massive two-handed axe that Djuric carries now.

• Djuric is still young and has wanderlust at the moment. He seeks to make his fortune and have his adventures now before eventually returning to South Reach to return to the smithing trade that his father taught him.
• Djuric, though seemingly surly and uncaring, has a strong code of honor and a desire to see the people of his homeland (Ferelden) protected from dishonorable bandits and thieves. He will often go to extra effort to ensure that proper justice is done.


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