Elven Mage


XP: 23300 (Level 7)

Speed: 12 (Move 12, Charge 6, Run 24)
Defense: 10
Armor: 4
Penalty: 0

Health: 41
Mana: 76

Attributes and Foci
Communication: 3
Constitution: 2
Cunning: 4
*Arcane Lore, Healing, Historical Lore
Dexterity: 0
Magic: 6
*Spirit Magic, Creation Magic
Perception: 1
Strength: 0
Willpower: 3

(m) Quarterstaff – Attack roll = 0, Damage = 1D6 + 1
® Arcane Lance – Attack roll = +6, Damage = 1D6 + 6, Range = 16
*Stunt – Arcane Lance – (3 stunt points) – May cast a spell of 3 MP or less

Arcane Lance – Magic Attack with wand/staff
Chirurgy (J) – Heal action is a minor action. Heal 2x Dragon Die + Cunning
Spirit Magic (J) – Sense mood 6 yds. Mana Cost of Spirit spells reduced by 1.
Creation Magic (N) – 10 yd. light wisp
Spirit Healer (N) – TN 14 to activate the mode.

Grey Warden
Resistance to Taint
No Ghouling
Rite of Conscription
Detect Darkspawn (Perception) – 5xLVL in yards

Foci – Spirit, Creation
Spellpower = 16 (18 Spirit and Creation)
1) Heal – Touch – Creation – Cost = 1-3 (‘-1’) MP – Heals 1D6 per MP – Major – TN 10
2) Rock Armor – Self – Primal – Cost = 3-8 MP (base 3, +1 hr / extra MP) – 1 min cast house rule = major – AR 6 – TN 10
3) Arcane Bolt – Range (30) – Spirit – Cost = 1 MP, damage = 2D6 + DD from test – Major – TN 10 – Dex(Acrobatics) (TN = 18) to take 1D6
4) Spell Shield – Self – Spirit – Cost = 3 MP – Major – TN 13 – Spend 1 MP / 1MP to nullify spells cast on self – duration = 6 rounds
5) Rejuvenate – 10 yds – Creation – Cost = 5 MP – Heals 1D6 immediately, and 1D6 for 6 rounds – Major – TN 15
6) Arcane Shield – Self – Spirit – Cost = 3 + 1 MP / round extension – Major – TN 14 – Defense becomes = 18
7) Group Heal – Creation – Cost = 3 x (1D6) for up to 3D6 – Major – up to 12 targets
8) Shock – Primal – Cost = 4 – Major – TN 13 – Damage = 1D6 + Magic, CON to resist for 1D6

Arlyssa Naruda – saved her children from kidnapper and demons
Ishara – Daelish woman whom we worked with extensively in Ventiver. Have coin to signify friendship.

Ancient Tevinter

Notable Equipment
Ring of Shielding (May use Mana Shield Stunt for 2 stunt points)
Brooch of Protection – 1 save vs. Magic, +2 vs. area effect
Key to Orzimmar – +3 Comm w/ Dwarves, +1 Comm w/ ppl that know of Dwarves
Viridium Leather Armor – +1/
1 (+4 Armor, no casting penalty)
Riding Horse
2.81 gold

Health – 5 Major, 4 Minor
Mana – 5 Major, 5 Minor


Age: 22
Gender: M
Race: Elf
Class: Mage

Description: 5’3", 115 lbs. Slender Elven male.

Chantry Faction: Loyalist

I am originally from the town of Lothering, the last major outpost on the Imperial Highway. My family had been there for three generations prior to my 5th birthday, and after that we were forced to find new accommodations – for reasons which I will get to shortly.

My mother and father owned a small magic shop in the alienage of Lothering. Actually, they ran a small herbal shop, and the magical items could be had if you knew how to ask for them. My mother created the items, and my father was the shopkeep. I don’t remember a whole lot from this period of my life, but most of what I do remember is pleasant. On my 5th birthday, my family threw a small party for me. My eldest brother, Sinditha, was performing small ‘magic’ tricks when he took it on himself to perform some actual magic. As I’ve gathered in the years since, he was not trained to cast magic and succombed to a demon. The ensuing rampage left eight dead – Sinditha, an older brother, two of the Templar who came to the apartment to deal with the situation and five townsfolk who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Chantry placed my parents in custody and myself and my older sister (by 3 years) into their own care. Had they not, neither of us would have survived long after being turned out by the alienage. Growing up, I heard all sorts of nasty stuff said about my family – my father dealt in illegal trade, my mother was a washed out mage, my brother was a feeble-minded idiot who deserved what he got (and I should get the same). The most vivid memory I have of that birthday party is of the fight between the demon and the templar, and how the templars stood their ground inbetween myself and the demon even after two of their brethren had fallen.

A year or so after joining the Chantry, I started to display some magical aptitude as my brother had. The local Chantry quickly sent me off to the Circle. I went willingly despite my friends telling me not to because I did not want to end up like my brother. The Chantry saw to my education and needs and I owe them a lot.

Goals and Motivations
Short term – I’ve lived a pretty secluded life thus far and wish to explore a bit. The Chantry has need of adventurers going out and investigating Blight and spreading their positive word and I volunteered.

Long term – Greater understanding of the spirit realm, why mages can access it and others cant, what drawing power from that realm means.


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